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Cookies and Cream
Crushed cookies and cream


Croquembouche Chocolate
Towering Chocolate Croquembouche...


Croquembouche Toffee
Towering Toffee Croquembouche...


Curry Beef Pie
Curry Beef Pie, just the right amount of spice


Diplomatici / Vanilla Slice (1 Piece)
Individual slices of Vanilla Slice


Ferrero Rocher
A classic flavour combination that people love.


Fresh Flowers Engagement Cake
Engagement cake or small family wedding

Friand Blueberry or Raspberry (1 Piece)
Blueberry or Raspberry Friand


Fruit Tart (1 Piece)
Individual sized Fruit Tart


Individual Apple Pie (1 Piece)
Traditional apple pie. Just right for a snack on the run.


Individual Carrot Cake (1 Piece)

Smaller version of our popular Carrot and Orange Cake


Individual Cheesecakes
Variety of individual cheesecakes, lemon, strawberry, mars bar or blueberry


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